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What You Should Know About Youth Hostel

Youth Hostel

If you give importance to small things, you will come to realise that there are things we use every day that were either discovered accidentally or invented due to the increasing needs for improvement. The existence of youth hostels comes from both sides. Basically, the history of youth hostel began around 1909 when one German educator named Richard Schirrmann spent one stormy night in a barn with few students around. Due to the cold night, he realized that an affordable yet comfortable and clean accommodation is a need for young people. Since then, he started using empty schools on countryside during holidays as guest houses intended for young people. This idea caught quickly, and on 1930s, there were around 2,000 hostels in Germany. Because of the progressions of ideas, it didn’t take too long that his idea was popularised by other countries. The Cronulla Beach YHA is the #1 youth working hostel in Sydney CBD. Check them out.

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The Facts

According to statistics, young people are the most active travellers in the world, but it does not mean they can afford staying at the hotels. This is why the adoption of youth hostel is increasing progressively. The concept of youth hostel pertains to sharing with the people of the same age group. This is something young adults do when they travel. Despite the fact that youth hostels were initially designated as an affordable accommodation for young people, it does not accommodate for students alone.

Hostels Equipment and Social Life

Some hostels provide extra soaps, towels and shampoos but with extra charge which can be quite heavy on your part. To save more money, you might as well bring all your personal needs. You won’t have problems bringing your pillows and blanket since the hostel can provide all of these. Hostels are the best place for those who would like to socialize. Since guests are usually younger people, you are more likely to get to know other travellers during your stay. Some hostels even organize meetings or parties where people can befriend each other. Yes, hostellers love average tourist, but generally they are interested in meeting all people to share common advices and interests. Some facilities you can find in a hostel are laundry room, Internet connection, telephone, lockers for valuable stuffs, and breakfast services.

How long can I stay in a hostel?

Some hostels do not allow you to stay long because the purpose of hostelling is a continuous travelling and for remote travellers who does not stay in one place all the time. Hostels are meant for people who stay in the area temporarily, say in a very short period of time. It will defeat the purpose of accommodating these people when you stay in a hostel for months.

Do I Need To Book In Advance?

Of course, you need to book in advance especially when you are travelling during peak seasons. If you do not book in advance, you are less likely to stay in a hostel during yourt trip as they can easily be fully booked.

The major reasons why so many young people prefer to stay at the youth hostel is the convenience provides. Even though the price is a factor, convenience beats the price. Young people do have additional dollars to pay for other accommodations if they want to, but with hostels, it is the best option you can choose while you are travelling.

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