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Creating a Winning Resume

Winning Resume

Using proper keywords gets your resume into the mind of the reader. Important keywords related to your field of experience is very important to tell the employer that your years of job experience has not just been a passing phase but has made you knowledgeable and that you are a person who knows his job pretty well. Remember since you are applying to employers working in Thailand they will not want to look into complex sentences but for specific keywords that are related to your field such as sales.

Be the solution

Remember when you apply for a job the employer is looking at solving his companies problems and hence he needs somebody to take care of his troubles. In return he will reward you a salary every month. Make sure your resume portrays an image such that the employer feels you are the one he is looking for. You have to do this while being truthful. Nothing is worse than lying in an interview. Most probably, the guy interviewing you has had a lot of experience selecting candidates so he can catch a lie when he comes across one. See Electrical Contractor

Having to work in Thailand can be a great experience and can prepare you for higher positions provided you are ready to put in the dedication. Your resume is simply the first step of this process. Make sure you make a good one.

After a long tiring day, take a coffee break.


If you construct longer sentences, it is most likely that the reader will have to read the sentence twice to understand what you want to convey. Use to the point sentences and be grammatically correct.

If you’re entire resume is in pristine condition but you have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes then your chances of getting selected do get reduced. Your sentences should not be like scripts but like conversations.

Do a team building for you to know each member of the team.