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The Process of Claiming Work Injury Damages

Work Injury Damages

An individual may claim compensation for injuries suffered in course of his job, if the injuries are due to carelessness on the part of the employers. An ordinary person may not be familiar with the details of the law related to work injuries. It is prudent to take on the services of an injury lawyer upon receiving injuries at work.

A reputed injury lawyer is aware of the local laws and the time restrictions to file a lawsuit for work injury damages claim. He may demand an appropriate compensation for his client, based on the nature of the injuries sustained. A percentage of the settlement amount constitutes the fees of the lawyer.

Qualifying for Work Injury Damages

Compensation Lawyers can attest if an individual is qualify for work injury damages claims. The employer of the worker must be responsible for the injuries if proven guilty.

This could be due to a deliberate action or negligence on the part of the employer. In addition, the worker must provide a proof of having sustained not less that 15 per cent impairment of the whole person. A specialist must assess this fact so that the insurance company may accept it.

The injured person may initiate court proceedings not before 6 months subsequent to reporting the injuries to the employer and not after 3 years of receiving the injuries. The employee must file the claims after the resolution of all lump sum compensation payments, to which he is entitled. A settlement of work injury damages claims will cancel further benefits like hospital costs.