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Women’s Clothing Size

Womens clothing are tricky and so getting the right measurements will save you from the embarrassment of buying ill-fitting wardrobe. In order to get the best estimation of what your size is, you need to strip down to your intimates and stand before the mirror. Use the measuring tape under your arms, about your back and the fullest part of your bosom.

Then measure your legs and hips respectively. If it is DIY-routine, then look into the mirror and jot down the numbers. Otherwise if you have assistance, then follow the same and let them note down the measurements for you. Either way, this measurement-task will enable you to know your best-estimate (if not exact) size for dresses or tops.

It’s Important

Being the right size is a matter of pride and dignity for every woman. With so much variety being invented in women clothing, the fairer sex finds it imperative to be able to fit in whatever she likes to wear.

Fashion experts believe that fluctuation in the sizes does play a big role in influencing sales. In related context, a recent survey revealed that a majority of women feel that size 8 is the magic number, while a 25 percent of them said size 6 was theirs.

Night Out with Friends

After-office hours are the time let down your hair and do your thing. You go clubbing with friends or set up some quality-time with someone special. Either way, once you stroll out of office, your fashion-personality becomes more chic, classy and stylish. You have all the rights and liberties to deck up in your trendsetting avatar.