You should never use rough or abrasive objects while cleaning dry windows. Lubrication is very important to prevent scratches and unsightly marks. Scraping away at the surface scratches will reduce the damage but always make sure to use a new razor blade on a lubricated window pane. If you have tinted glass do not use razors or paint scrappers on it.

Don’t use abrasive nylon pads that you use to clean your kitchen glassware, on your windows.

Many modern homes have window panes which are designed to reduce heat loss or gain. These kinds of window panes have a specific resistance (R value) which is directly dependant on the cleanliness of the window.

Any external pollutants will reduce the thermal efficiency and hamper the functioning of the window panes. If you have thermal resistant window panes in your home or office, keep them free from discolouration, spotting, damage from pollutants and rain. Hire Window cleaners Sunshine Coast to help your windows function better.

In case of car windows, regular cleaning is essential for the safety of the driver and other passengers. It’s very unsafe to travel in a car with dirty discoloured windows because this hampers the visibility and leads to increased chances of road accidents. If you cannot see properly while driving, you are a threat to the safety of other people walking/driving on the road. Always ensure that you clean your car window panes thoroughly before you travel.

Afraid of intruders? Install alarm systems at home.

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What not Do when Cleaning Windows?