Do you ever see those short posts on the side walk of the streets? Ever wonder what those are and the use of those? Those short posts are called bollards. Originally, bollards are mostly seen in piers used in mooring a vessel or a boat. These bollards are now widely used that is why you can now see them in almost anywhere, even used as a fence in others’ houses. Bollards can be very cute to look at depending on the person looking at it, and so, bollards have come a long way. Rather than being just a post for mooring ships and boards, there are now other uses of it like fences, decorations, storage for trashes and many others.

You should really consider using bollards at home and the government can also put up more of it on sidewalks and other areas in the city. Here are the reasons on why bollards should be used and be placed anywhere.

1. Can be used as a decoration.

The cuteness of a bollard will really attract passers’ by if you use it as a fence on your home or even as a post in your lawn or balcony or terrace. Bollards can really be anything you want it to be all you have to do is to use your imagination to know how you should use it. Also, since you are the one to decide how to use these bollards, then you should really consider having it painted cute or however you want it to be painted or styled to complement the place where you will be placing it in your home. In businesses like restaurants, with themes like a port, bollards are highly useable. You can really capture that port-like look if you have bollards put up anywhere in your restaurant. You see, creativity and imagination is the key on how bollards can be used as decorations.

2. Can be used for protection.

Bollards are usually made up of metal and so that is why it is a strong post where boats and other sea vessels are moored. And so, if you have these things on the sidewalks where a lot of people walk by, unfortunate accidents like losing the break of a car which the driver loses control over it and supposedly hitting people endangering many lives, these bollards could actually save those lives. This is because these bollards can put a stop to that dangerous impact. The strength of a bollard could prevent a car from crashing and sweeping the sidewalks and so, this is why more bollards should be used and put up.

3. Can be used as storage for trash.

Bollards can be filled but can also be hollowed. If you want to use it as trash storage on the sidewalks where people usually have some trash to throw, then you should consider putting up hollow bollards. To still have that strength that bollards should have, you can put up and alternate filled bollards and hollow ones to be safe.

Bollards and Why People Should Make Use of It