Thinking about clean, spotless and germ free carpet and rugs? Always dreamed of a cleaning method that will kill ninety nine percent of germs and bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals that will cost you less? When you are busy working and have little time scrubbing your carpet and tile is very hard to imagine.

Cleaning your carpet is significant to your daily life. Why? You will probably shock to learn that your floor, carpet holds just as much, if not more bacteria than your toilet. Your carpet is designed as big as an air filter. It is actually meant to catch a lot of germs and pollutants that float through your home. People with pets, and if you’ve ever had any kind of case of fleas, you may have flea eggs, or even flea feces in your carpet. Disgusting, isn’t it? Here’s more, dust, mites, mold spores, fungi and bacteria that will compromise your health. Not to mention stains coming from spill drinks and food.

Carpet cleaning processes vary widely, but in many aspects. One of the most and trusted methods of proper cleaning your carpet is Steaming. Steam cleaning is so much better than the ordinary dry clean that will cost you less and effective in any way. The benefits of steam carpet cleaning are, during the cleaning a small amount of shampoo or detergent is misted on the carpet and allowed a few minutes of contact time, then the powerful vacuum cleaner will start working and do his job to suck away all those bio pollutants. The heat and solution release grime from the carpet fibers, and the strong vacuum extracts the dirt and moisture of your carpet. Steam cleaning removes odors and kills bacteria and dust mites in an instant. Also, steam will naturally sanitize your home where you and your family will restore your place to be germ and odor free. This process is more effective than most disinfecting chemicals and ordinary vacuums.

Cleaned, spotless and fresh carpet? Reliable, safe and cheap service? We can help you with that. Our trusted and well trained professional Sydney carpet cleaner have gained a strong reputation all throughout. We use environment friendly tools and treatment, special mix of natural shampoo that sprayed with high power vacuum to suck away all those bio pollutants, grimes, stubborn stains, and odor back to our machine so the whole family will enjoy a germ free environment.

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