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Make Her Say “Yes” with Wholesale Diamonds Online

Wholesale Diamonds Online

Make your woman say “yes’ to your wedding proposal by surprising her with an engagement ring from wholesale diamonds online. If you intend to buy diamonds online, you will be surprised with the wide selections of shapes and colors of diamonds. The diamonds that you can purchase online are hand-crafted by the best jewelers in town. It is up to you if you want to choose the design from their catalogue or you prefer to make your own design. The jewelers from wholesale diamonds online can help you create a design according to the shape and size of the loose diamond that you choose.

The process of choosing a diamond

If you go to a site that sells wholesale diamonds online, the first thing that you need to decide is the shape of the diamond. The choices are varied but all of these shapes can be used for an engagement ring. Some of the choices available are pear, heart-shaped, princess, oval, among others. Once you have chosen a diamond shape, the second step is to select the size or the carat. The carat is referred to as the weight of the diamond. The ideal carat for a diamond engagement ring is .50 carat which will look perfect for a solitaire diamond engagement ring. The third step to select when purchasing an engagement ring from wholesale diamonds online is the color. The spectrum begins with color D all the way down to color Z. The color D is the most expensive, it is colorless and it is the one that shines brighter among all the diamond colors. The ones that belong to the lower spectrum possess some tinge of yellow or brown. Colored diamonds like red, green, and blue command a higher price.

The next step to choose in wholesale diamonds online is the clarity. The flawless is the most expensive and it is considered rare. A diamond that is flawless has no blemishes and inclusions. The blemishes are caused by external factors while the inclusions are caused by the pressure and heat of the sun. Then, the next step to select is the cut of the diamond. The most expensive cut reflects more sunlight that results in the brilliance and scintillation of the diamond. Purchasing wholesale diamonds online give you the option whether you prefer to be given a certificate or not which describes in details the characteristics of the diamond.

Form of payment

When buying diamonds online, you pay a commission to the trader based on the price set by the Rapaport List. The trader then takes the diamond to a jeweler who will then craft the diamond according to your specifications. Payment is therefore given to the trader and to the jeweler or designer.