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What are Security Patrols?

Security Patrols

Gold Coast security patrols are important in large areas in the city that can be challenging to monitor by foot. They can patrol areas indoors and outdoors to ensure that there are no trespassers or unruly behaviour on the premises. They are a good alternative or addition to regular, stationary guards.

What do they do?

Patrolling guards use a vehicle – typically a truck – to circle the premises when monitoring outdoors. This is especially true for larger areas or cases where they need to have an overall view of the property from afar. This allows them to be highly mobile. It also gives them the ability to respond quickly to emergency situations, regardless of how far these incidents are from their post.

Indoors, patrolling guards travel on foot. This is prevalent in bigger establishments like corporate buildings and malls. They are able to guard large areas in shifts to ensure that the area is secure. Sometimes, they use smaller vehicles like Segways, mini scooters and other motorised systems.

What are the benefits?

The immediate benefit from this type of guard is safety. You know that every inch of your property is secure. Unlike basic CCTV camera monitoring where outsiders can use blind spots to their advantage, it’s harder to hard from a live person, especially when they’re trained to spot and catch intruders.

What are the benefits?

What sets them apart from stationary guards is their visibility. They act as deterrents. When people see that guards are frequently monitoring an area, they are less likely to commit acts of crime. On the other hand, clients will feel safer if they see that the establishment has people committed to their well-being.

They are your first line of defence when something goes wrong in the establishment. When large volumes of people are in one space, it can be hard for stationary guards to respond to emergency situations. A specialised force is needed to do crowd control, break up conflicts and remove threats.

These services are best used in conjunction with stationary guards to ensure that full security measures are being practised. Patrolling, along with remote monitoring, is the best way to secure your property, especially when they occupy a wide area.

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