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Best Wedding Venue – Golf Courses

Best Wedding Venue

Of all the events in one’s life, wedding can be considered as the most memorable and special. Of course, there are things that we need to give an extra time to choose, like the wedding venue, bridal gown etc. Golf course is one of the best place to hold your wedding. There are a few things which people think – like high costs, lack of privacy and other factors involved. Nevertheless, here are a few reasons which make golf courses a good venue for weddings. Try exploring this option to make your wedding day more memorable.

Themed wedding

If you are looking for a themed wedding, and love golf – then golf course is the best venue for you. Some passionate golfers would prefer their ground for their wedding – to add to their passion for the sport. You can send invitation cards and other things in the shape of golf ball, racket or the course itself. People will be anticipating a lot from these themed invitation cards – and golf course will be a perfect venue for such type of wedding. Other sport themed weddings can also be held at golf courses – making the even unique, interesting and special.

Good location for photography

Another less important but a good reason for selecting golf courses as wedding venues is the location. Everything is lush green, grass is nicely maintained and there are trees all around. These make for an excellent location for clicking a few snaps. If wedding is held during the morning, the photos look even more wonderful. Not just the bride and groom, but also the guests can click a few memorable snaps in the venue. Use the entire campus to have a picturesque view of things and capturing the best moments. Robert Slabihoudek is Sydney’s best wedding photographer. You should hire him as he is the right one for this special event.

After the event, it would be necessary for the newly wed couple to spend their honeymoon on a romantic accommodation.