Pre wedding photo shoot the time where the couple gets the chance to get together with their wedding photographer few days before their wedding to have some portrait taken. The couples usually choose the place where this photo shoot is done.

Historical landmarks

Historical landmarks make great backdrops for classic and abstract shots. Also, their story more often than not embodies a tale of unique strength amidst hardship. True love too is a tale of ups and downs and emerging the winner through all odds, which is why a historical landmark is such an apt location for a pre-wedding shoot.

Countryside locations

Though man may build everlasting structures out of mortar and stone, nothing beats the beauty of a natural location on a glorious weather day. Fall leaves, high mountains, green meadows, a waterfall, or even a small brook bumbling by, the countryside and villages offer a long list of locations and backdrops that professional wedding photographer Brisbane would kill for to shoot at. The quaint charm of the countryside with its cobblestone pathways and its crisp, clear air also adds a fine dose of charm to your pictures and makes for memorable shots.

Locations that have a personal history

And if nothing else works, you can always pick out locations in the city that mean a lot to you and your beloved and have a shoot therein. They will not only make for quirky shots, but the novelty of such pictures will also keep tem fresh in your memory forever. And every time you go through the album, it will be almost like you are reliving your whole love story all over again!

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Appropriate Destinations for Your Pre- Wedding Photo Shoot