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Tips to Entertain the Guests on Your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

So you are getting married! If you are having a big do, you probably have the same set of people attending all your wedding functions and it is your responsibility to keep them interested enough so that they enjoy all the occasions.


Your wedding reception is probably the time when most guests will remember time when they themselves said “I do”. Decorating the walls with old and meaning full photographs will bring on the nostalgia and cerate conversations.

Be Creative

When you as a couple stroll through the crowd, don’t just smile an nod. Jive with the teens, sing with the kids and dance with the seniors. Create special moments as you go.

Party Games

Games at any party are a great ice-breaker. At wedding functions they can be especially helpful to blend in those who visit only occasionally and may be feeling out of place.

Having games laid out at the tables is a good idea. You can also have a “Table Hunt”. Hand out clues to each guest as they enter to help them find their table.

Surprise Entertainment

If you or your spouse have a special talent, wedding functions may be a good time to display it. You could also ask the DJ or Band Master to invite guests to perform. Alternating between an live band and a DJ can give both sufficient breaks and at the same time keep your guests entertained.

Camp Fires

You can have either a cold fire or a real one around which your guests assemble. If your budget and wedding venue permit, you can have several such cosy corners where intimate groups can be formed.

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