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Importance of Website Load Time for SEO

Website Load Time for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important in terms of increasing traffic flows and general visibility of your website. However good your web site might be, it’s of no practical use if nobody gets to see it. There is nothing that turns off the virtual audience off more than an extra long loading time. If your web design is cumbersome, it will take ages to load and you can safely assume that half of your target audience has already navigated away.

Why does the audience expect instantaneous load times?

Once upon a time the entire world depended on broadband and then it was natural for everybody to wait for minutes before web pages are loaded properly. But modern technology has made it possible to download videos and songs in seconds and people have started expecting websites to load in 3 seconds.

It’s extremely important for the website to load quickly (match the average patience limit of 5 seconds) in order to provide a good customer experience. Google firmly believes that website speed is extremely important in maintaining the natural rank of a website in search engine listings.

Handy tools to measure load times

Google has not only analysed the importance of quick load times in providing a great user experience but has also launched an array of handy tools using which you can actually use to measure your average page load time.

Now that you have realized the importance of super fast page loads, you can see how your website is performing in terms of speed. Use the web page analyser or “Google webmaster tools” to find out.
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