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Tips for Choosing Music for Web Video Production

Web Video Production

Web videos come in many shapes and sizes, and whether you’re using it in your websites or social media marketing campaign, to drive traffic to your sight, creating an interview or testimonial or highlighting a service or product, you’ve probably realized without music, your video doesn’t look so hot. In any type of web video production the overarching goal is to make a real connection with the audience, and music plays one of the most important parts in generating the emotion and empathy necessary to make that connection.

Set Emotional Goals

Before choosing music, ask yourself what kind of emotion you’re trying to generate with web video production. Do you want to build empathy, inspire people to take action, create outrage, or create a sense of ease and safety? Music and emotion go hand in hand so it’s important to choose a track that can easily be associated with the same emotions you want to come across in the video, and make sure the music doesn’t have any sudden changes that alter the mood. This way the music will complement your message.

Keep it Subtle

If you’ve ever seen any movie at all, you probably felt an incredible range of emotions, many of which were likely driven by the music. However, unless you’re a musician or sound director, when most people watch a movie they aren’t focusing on the music. Music should complement the web video production, not overwhelm it. If the music is too loud, forceful, or contrasts with the message, viewers will quickly start to lose focus and tune in to the music, not the message.


Maybe you’ve found the perfect song, but there’s a weird bridge or instrumental break right when your video is going to a section where viewers need to pay attention to someone speaking. Web videos requires music editing. You can pick the sections that work and repeat them, or cut out that funky bridge or distracting drum solo to forge something that flows smoothly.

Know Copyright Laws

Unless you’re a band or music producer you probably need to use someone else’s music in your video. While this might seem like it opens hundreds and thousands of song choices, make sure you can legally use the track you have your heart set on. Conversely, just because copyright laws can be intimidating doesn’t mean you should just look through the cheesy free and instrumental songs that anyone can use online.

Once you’ve made your video, following these tips will help you create a powerful emotional appeal and connection that complements the video you puts much work into. With the right music, your video is bound to be a success.