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Benefits and Uses of Water Tanks

Uses of Water Tanks

The concept of water tanks is not new. Water is a basic human need. Man has been storing water since ages as a solution to irregular and insufficient water supply. It is an age old practice to save things when you have them in abundance so that you can use it later when you are in need. Using rainwater tanks is a perfect example of this.

Draught and scanty rainfall has made water conservation very important. Be it government regulations or helping the environment, there are several reasons for installing a water tank in your house.

Setting up rainwater tanks has many financial and environmental benefits. It is the greenest and the most economic solution to all the water issues. Following are some advantages of installing water tanks

It is the perfect solution for water problems

Installing water tanks is beneficial especially if you live in an area with water shortage or if you live in a Council area with no town water service. Setting up water tanks or rainwater tanks is an excellent method for rain water harvesting.

Rain water is the cleanest source of water as it comes down as a product of natural distillation. Storing rain water is the best way to get clean distilled water that is devoid of any harmful chemicals. Even if you have regular and ample supply of water, the water from tanks can be used for irrigation, watering plants, flushing toilets and washing cars.

Water tanks, therefore help us save money, water and the environment. It is a big leap towards sustainable development.