To some people, pets are children and to some, their best friends. And to yet others, pets are at their service. Whatever your pet means to you, their health is what keeps you going. According to most veterinary clinics, illnesses are commonly caused by unhealthy eating habits and unhygienic lifestyle.

Clean water

Many pet owners tend to forget to change water from time to time. Filtered water contains lesser toxins and, therefore, is more beneficial. Make sure to provide clean water frequently.

Balanced Diet

Pets like dogs or cats need balanced diets. They are omnivores and so there is a need for a variety of foods – carbohydrates (from grains, breads), proteins (meats and eggs), fat (oils), vitamins and minerals.

Make sure to store wet foods properly and keep to the expiration time. Dry foods contain nutrients in a more concentrated form; so these should be given in smaller quantities.

Veterinary clinics can prescribe supplements if need be.


In the case of birds, maintenance is the key to their upkeep. Regular bathing, clipping claws and beaks and trimming the wings are essential.

While grooming cats and dogs, keep in mind to brush their coats regularly. This will not only give their coat a shine, but ensure that fleas and dirt are kept out. Clip nails regularly and clean the ears as many dogs are prone to ear infections.

Your cat will also need to be brushed regularly. Cats clean themselves with their tongue and teeth and end up swallowing a lot of hair. While they can cough up hairballs from time to time, hair is difficult to digest. Vet can provide vaccinations and health plan.

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Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Hygenic