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Painting vs Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps and Paint

There was a time when painting vehicles was considered much more effective for displaying messages and graphics. However, with technological advancements it is now relatively simple to include exclusive logos, designs and texts in Vehicle wraps Sunshine Coast.

In fact, it is less time consuming and expensive to add updates on your car wraps than getting the same information painted on the sides of your vehicles. You now have more creative freedom and the vinyl can be stretched over your entire vehicle without blocking visibility. You therefore have a seamless advertisement which looks cools, professional and extremely attractive.

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Very Affordable

It’s a myth that adding car sign wraps is expensive. Paint jobs are cheap but you will have to compromise on the design or the excellence. If you want the same quality, finish, details and designs through paintwork as you get through car wraps, be prepared to shell out quite an exorbitant sum!

For the same type of design, add-ons, details and styling, car wraps are definitely cheaper than a paint job. In case of painting you car, also consider the skill of the worker, the quality of paint used and the fact that your vehicle will be out of use for weeks whereas applying a wrap can be completed within two days.

The wraps have a clear laminated second layer which protects the top-layer vinyl from strong sun, winds, rain, snow or mud. This also means that the wrap protects your car from the vagaries of nature just like a cover and helps you to realize a better resale value for it.

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