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Vacuum Gauge Testing 101

Vacuum Gauge

A vacuum gauge is an essential tool for mechanics and engineers. Even with the continuous evolution of technology, experts still use this device when conducting a diagnosis of various kinds of engines and transmissions.

Here are the types of reading a vacuum gauge picks up:

Normal Engine Operation

When the reading is between 17 to 22 inches of mercury.

Steady-to-Extremely-Low Operation

If the engine produces less power, commonly caused by less-functioning piston rings, late ignition or air leak found within the intake manifold.

Rapid Vibration Operation

If the mercury reading jumps between 14 to 20 inches, it is already an indication of worn valve guides. How worn out it is can be determined by the speed of the needle vibration.

Normal-to-Low Operation

If there’s a constant jump from a normal reading to a low value and vice versa, you may have a broken or leaking valve.

Fuel Control System Check-Up

Checking the fuel control system can help you detect poor engine performance. If the pointer has a moderate-to-slow motion of 4 to 5 inches, it may be time to conduct maintenance on the fuel control.

Exhaust Back Pressure

Even with the engine at idle speed, it starts to slowly increase its engine speed at around 3,000 RPM, which is the preferred vacuum speed. If the vacuum speed decreases at higher than the 3,000 RPM limit, it is already an indication of an exhaust back pressure.

Ignition Problems or Sticking Valves

If an engine fluctuation jumps from 1 to 2 inches, it may be an indication of an ignition problem. Check if the constant engine fluctuation is between of 3 to 4 inches since this may be caused by sticking valves.

There is no denying of the importance of a vacuum gauge. Without it, experts would have to find another and tougher way to make certain that an engine is working properly. There is no other device that is better than this one. It can quickly and directly receive information which determines if the engine performance is right or not.

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