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Use the Bucket Method to Detect a Pool Leak

Detect a Pool Leak

Any pool leak should never be ignored by homeowners. Whilst owning swimming pools can provide homeowners many benefits, especially to the health and entertainment of their households, it can also serve as a financial liability to any property.

Maintaining swimming pools is not an easy task. You need to seek professional help especially in detecting leaks and other plumbing problems. After years of use, pools are prone to damages such as leaks as well as cracked tiles and flooring. These damages could be minimal and negligible at first, but they can lead to costly repairs and renovation in the future. It is then important to constantly monitor your pools and find out if they have damages such as pool leak.

How can you spot the presence of leaks by yourself? All you need are a five-gallon bucket and a duct tape. Here are the steps to find out using the bucket method:

  1. Place the bucket on the second step of your pool. Fill it with water that matches the pool’s water level. Use the duct tape to mark this level inside the bucket.
  2. Turn off the pump as well as any other auto-refill device.
  3. Wait for 24 hours and compare the water level of the bucket to that of the pool. If the pool level is lower than that in the bucket, there could be a leak.

Any pool leak might be a tiny issue to some, but it can result in very costly repairs. If you notice any sign of leaks, call professionals at once. They are trained to use the right tools to address any leaks and other damages in the tiles and plumbing of this home item.

Retaining the condition of pools can be a challenge, especially if the damages are undetected for years. To avoid costly repairs and treatments, you need to routinely consult with qualified professional pool leak Brisbane to prevent the problems from worsening.