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Buyers Agent vs Sellers Agent

Buyers vs Sellers

Property transaction can be a successful endeavour or an absolute nightmare depending on how you handle the process. Depending on whether you are looking to buy or sell your property, real estate agent services can always help you by bargaining a better deal on your behalf.

Real estate agents Mango Hill who have in-depth knowledge about the real estate market and the prevailing prices in your area. Hiring them will bring you peace of mind along with an honest deal that will do justice to your investments.

There are basically two types of real estate agent services; buyers’ agents who represent people looking to buy property and listing agents who represent the sellers. It is illegal for an agent to work as both the buyer’s agent and listing agent for a single transaction and accept commission from both the parties.

Buyers’ Agents

These are licensed real estate professionals who specialize in locating, assessing and bargaining the purchase of any property on your behalf. Specialized buyers’ agents who are experts in their own field usually do not sell on the client’s behalf. It is important for you to deal with only those independent agents who do not work for real estate developers.

Typical services offered by buyers’ agents include a comprehensive search whereby they scour the market and shortlist properties depending on your requirement and budget. Real estate agents Caboolture can help you to get the best deal.

Listing Agents

You can appoint Real estate agents Margate in case you are looking to sell your home, land, property or business. These real estate agent services are responsible for marketing your property, making purchase offers to prospective homebuyers and overseeing the entire transaction till the deal is closed. They too must be licensed by the authorities of the state in which they operate.