Closed head injuries may not seem as severe as penetrative injuries on the surface of it. But they can in fact lead to several severe complications like internal swelling, bleeding and skull fractures.

When divided into broad categories, closed head injuries result in two types of brain damage – primary and secondary. Primary brain damage normally includes direct skull injury or fracture, contusions and bruises on the head, nerve damage, lacerations and blood clots.

Secondary brain injury on the other hand may occur over time as a result of a previous injury. The symptoms may include swelling of the brain, increased pressure on skull, fever, hematoma, anaemia, cardiac changes, epilepsy, infection etc. In either case, it is always advisable to contact professional a Personal Injury Lawyer to file for claims.

Other common problems that occur due to traumatic brain injury

People who suffer from traumatic brain injury may experience a wide range of symptoms and problems later on. The most common include overall weakness and confusion, inability to think or concentrate clearly, memory loss, problems performing normal day to day functions etc.

Some people may suffer from physical injuries like reduced ability to walk or balance well and might take longer to recover. A complete rest period and strict medical observation will be required for these patients.

Sometimes, people who suffer from traumatic brain injury may require constant physiotherapy to help restore normal functions in the limbs. Once the brain shows signs of recovery the associated symptoms eventually show signs of disappearing.

Skate boarding can also cause you fractures in the body.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries