Trade show displays should typically include a balanced combination of pictures and words. This will help customers understand the product and its external as well as internal features well. When you design your trade show displays make sure that you keep in mind the value of your potential targets time.

During trade shows and exhibitions they do not get a lot of time to read everything around them. Ask your Web designers to create designs and wordings that are clear, concise, bold and brief. This will help them understand the most important aspects of a product or service within minutes.

Spotlight on the product

No trade show booth is complete without its fair share of lighting. However, in order to make your trade show booth attractive and interesting enough for potential customers to actually enter choose lights that showcase your product.

A common mistake trade show participants make is to use lights that just brighten up the booth. This doesn’t serve any added purpose though. Your lights should point towards and highlight your core product to create that interest in the minds of visitors.

Uniformity of Colours

If you want to deviate from the usual then you can definitely explore with a range of colours. But you must make sure that every colour you use on the walls, boards, displays and floors of your stall match. If you use contrasting shades that do not look good together it will make your trade show display stands look untidy on the whole.

Creating Attractive Trade Show Displays