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The Best Deal of Becoming a Topless Server

Topless Server

The profession of topless waitressing is quite a challenging. Becoming a server alone is a tough profession, what more if it also includes extra role such as topless waitressing. Before you place up your objections about this kind of professions, here are the pros of working in the trade of topless waitressing.

Good money

Just like any other profession, topless waitressing is a job that’s also paid well. They have an hourly payment, along with a customer’s tip, which makes more of their entire money. Topless waitressing can make a girl server earn several hundred dollars in her pocket.

The workplace

Unless you are one of those who starred in High School Musical, it’s unlikely that the profession consists of singing and dancing. However, these things are encouraged to be performed by topless waitresses. Topless waitressing may include hop scotch, hula-hooping, birthday chants, choreographed dances, trivia games, bachelor party songs, scavenger hunts, and things similar to these. Servers also learn how to perform fun bar tricks, such as pouring a beer while hula-hooping or balancing a pitcher of sangria without losing a drop.

The customers

Even though they may be a couple of customers, most servers who perform topless waitressing develop a group of dependable, regular customers through time. These are usually men who always sit in the section of topless waitresses, giving big amounts of tips. Through frequent visits, these men usually become very close friends with their favorite servers, managers, as well as the kitchen staff.

Does not need physical effort

In a lot of restaurants, servers performing topless waitressing have a big amount of appropriately named side work such as busing tables, sweeping, dusting assorted crap, rolling silverware, washing dishes, and mopping. However, these side works are kept to a minimum. Most of the free time of such servers is spent entertaining regular and new customers, where they chat and sit with their tables and strutting around looking attractive.

The friendship among servers

There is some kind of a friendly bond developed among servers when a lot of young women are faced with the challenging task of maintaining the restaurant full of customers under control on a daily basis. Even though conflict between co-servers is very common, at the end of the day, all of them have one another’s backs. In addition to this, mixed with the nearly brotherly and sisterly sense of protection that the kitchen staff has, it makes the workplace surprisingly loving and secure for topless waitressing.