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Tips to Prepare Boat Storage for Winter

Boat Storage for Winter

Before the chilly weather comes, you need to store your boat in a controlled room. Since this is too big for the house, you can try commercial boat storage. Doing this is important to prevent damages brought by the snow and breeze. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take the yacht to the water one more time

Before storing a yacht in a room, better run it one more time to see any issues that need to be fixed. As you know winter takes months, so you need to spot the problems before the cold weather hits. The cool breeze can worsen the problem. Therefore, conduct a full inspection. Listed below are the damages to watch out for:

  • Damaged outboard finish – the wind can rub the finish of the outboard. To prevent this from happening, use a tarp to cover the entire outboard. You’ll be in a big trouble if you let the pad be exposed to winter.
  • Collapsing cover – the weight of snow can remove the covering on top of the boat. When you just keep it outdoor, snow can come inside and damage the finish. The wood material will start to decay, inviting pests on it.

2. Clean the small vessel

Any debris or dirt left on the yacht can cause mould formation. We all know that moulds can damage the finish of the material. So, it pays to have a good scrub from time to time to remove any remains on the deck. If there’s any grime or nasty gunk onboard, you need to eliminate it.

3. Invest in personal storage

To prevent any issues, invest in a personal boat storage. You can guarantee that sheds are in great condition, maintaining the quality of your yacht. This way, you don’t need to deal with a damaged outboard or collapsing cover due to heavy winds and snow.

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