If you are operating or managing a business then getting all electrical appliances checked for safety is not only your ethical responsibility, it is your legal responsibility as well. The government of Australia is strict on all domestic businesses taking responsibility of complying with the safety norms and this includes getting all relevant electrical appliances thoroughly checked by a professional test and tag service.

Entry of records

The person who carried on the inspection test or performed the routine maintenance activity should belong from a registered and certified agency. The person should hold a license and the details of that license along with his name should be noted down. The date on which the inspection was carried out as well as the result or ultimate outcome of the test should also be noted down. It’s recommended that you fix the timing of the next visit and note that down too in your record book. It’s also advisable to employ a specific person who will be in charge of maintaining records. This will prevent mismanagement and confusion.

Preserve your reputation

The 21st century is the age of employer branding as businesses compete against each other to hire the best talent so that they can differentiate their product/service offerings. If you really want to earn an image as a good employer then you must make your employees understand that you are genuinely concerned for their safety. One important way you can do this is hire a test and tag service to check your electrical appliances and thus reduce the chances of fire in the business remises.

Legal Importance of Getting all your Equipment Tested as a Business Owner