Termites are pests that can be found in every region around the world. They damage properties that can sometimes become devastating. They are very difficult to detect by homeowners but there are effective termite control methods that can help prevent termite infestations. Here are the different types of termite control:

Pretreatment – This method uses termiticidal, a chemical that kills termites. The soil where the house or the building will be constructed will be treated with this chemical. It is sprayed together with long-lasting pesticides as the foundation of the building is being constructed. This method is less costly than termite treatment.

Soil Barriers – This termite control method is done by digging a trench around the foundations of a building then filling it with treated soil.

Baiting – This termite control method is used to eliminate termite infestation by attracting and killing the termites with baits. Termite control experts will need to visit the area to make sure that the baits are functioning well and doing their job properly. This process of termite control will last for several and maybe even a year before the termite infestation is totally eliminated.

Rodding – This is a termite control method where rods, where long-lasting pesticides have been applied, are inserted around the building foundation. Because the rods are arranged at intervals and there are gaps between them, it is the least effective method.

Foam Generator – Termite control professionals can turn liquid termiticides into foam using the foam generator. Holes are drilled in the concrete building material then the foam is injected through the hole. The foam will spread until it gets to the termite entrance. A regular building inspection is necessary to inspect your home from pests.

There are factors that can affect the effectiveness of these termite control methods. These things might hinder or limit the application of termiticide:

• Natural disasters
• Removing and adding plants in treated soils
• Construction of new structures over the treated soil
• Leaching
• Soil texture
• Termiticide degradation
• Sprinkler systems
• Placing wood next to the treated soil

Although termite control agency have the necessary skills and equipment in termite control, home and building owners should also do their part in termite control. They should reduce the presence of termite food and moisture.


Types of Termite Control Methods