For once in a life time relaxation and adventure you can never go wrong with Taveuni island resorts or also known by many as the Fiji’s mystery island. Such place can make you stand and awe with its volcanic outcrop of 42 kilometers long and 9 kilometers wide. The island itself is divided into two parts and these are the verdant rain forests and spine from the high ridge. Your total relaxation and adventure are limitless from the tropical coastal walk to Tavoro waterfalls and how about spending some time under the see? Enjoy the Bouma National Heritage park, The Waitavala Natural Rock Waterside and Sailing. The island is such a treasure trove of tropical plants, amazing flowers that blooms featuring the rare tagimucala flower and the most tourist attraction of all are its beach.


Looking for adventure has never been easy when you go to such tropical island. You can enjoy sports and recreational activities perfect for families and friends. You can enjoy hiking and enjoy the finest nature and appreciate fresh air while having an adventure for a lifetime. You can also do the swimming in their finest resorts in the island and enjoy the white sand. Such island is filled with fun and activities like kayaking, golfing at their country club and pro diving. You can also find the famous Nabogiono farms and meet the locals.


The Taveuni island resort & spa offers small yet intimate. The Taveuni island resort & spa can accommodate 20 up to 30 guests at any time of the year and undoubtedly one of the most famous resorts on the island. You can find villa rentals with your very own private chef and staff. Taveuni island resort & spa has a world class resort where you can have the ultimate relaxation you need and get the spa package you want. After hiking or golfing, you deserve a break and a good way to do that is to relax and enjoy the spa package.

Traveling to the island

You can find such beautiful island in the South Pacific with flights available in International Airports. The travel time might take long hours but the scenery and sightseeing experience is breathtaking as you fly over the outer island. You can see the clear blue ocean and the island are indeed such exquisite. You can book at the international airport in the Nadi from Sydney, Los Angeles, and Auckland.

For crowded urban places and you want to take a break, or for those people who want to experience the adventure of the lifetime, the tropical island will never fail you. This place would be your ultimate escape from reality giving you the accommodation you truly deserve.

Taveuni Island In Fiji