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Types of Stripper Shows

Stripper Shows

Aside from the food, drinks and the great time, people will often head for strip clubs for the very reason of seeing exotic dancers do their thing on stage. Strippers Gold Coast are the dancers that provide this very entertainment and when they are performing their routines on stage, the crowd goes wild and everyone will have a good time. There are stripper shows that come in different types that are often suited for specific circumstances and strippers are either trained in all of these types in order to be versatile or just master one art.


Burlesque is one of the classiest and glamorous forms of stripping and is often seen in black tie parties where the rich and famous attend. In burlesque, the strippers do more than just perform an exotic dance for their patrons to enjoy watching. They do this with finesse, grace and elegance that makes up as a huge part of the performance itself. It also makes use of props to help add more touch to the performance. One of these highly known props used in burlesque are the towering champagne glasses where the dancer will not only dance inside the champagne glasses but will also bath in the liquid.

Pole dance

Pole dancing is another type of stripping show and this is perhaps one of the most common shows strip clubs offer and strippers star in. A pole dance requires a pole that would usually reach the ceiling in order to give more support to the pole. The stripper who would perform a dance on the pole would use the pole to pivot herself on it without losing the erotic appeal that the pole has to offer. The stripper would then, of course, strip off her garments piece by piece while performing the dance.

Lap dance

A lap dance is another common stripping show that is featured in strip clubs. This is an option available for patrons who wish to enjoy their time in the strip club where the audience members are only limited to the people he has come with otherwise when he is alone. Strippers would often offer a lap dance to their clients to which they can decline or accept. Lap dances are erotic dances where the dancers grind themselves on their patron, usually on their laps hence the name and perform a strip tease for their clients to enjoy. The “no touching” rules that strip clubs put up are strictly applied when a customer requests a lap dance.