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Stereo Installation Tips

Go through the manual of your device thoroughly. Read it again and then start the process of installation.

Keep the wires ready

The system comes with a number of connecting wires. Keep all pieces in order, ready for use as required.

Placing of the speaker boxes

If you want to get a good sound effect, the speakers have to be placed as far apart from each other as the size of your room will allow. You must also keep in mind that the listener must sit at the centre of the room to be able to hear a well balanced sound.

No Obstructions

Each speaker should be placed so that there is no piece of furniture or any other object between the speaker and the centre of the home theatre room.


The speaker boxes have a lot of holes for ventilation. This prevents over heating. So, if you place the speakers in a cabinet, make sure that the cabinets too are well ventilated.

Prevent Humming

It is important that you place your speakers on perfectly stable surfaces. This prevents a rattling noise. Ensure that the sides of the speakers do not touch any surface in order to avoid a humming noise.

Make connections

Every brand of speaker system has its particular set of instructions. Follow directions in the manual to make connections.


Most systems have a double wire, link up connection. The two wires must not touch each other.

If they do, the speakers will appear dead. If you follow the directions for stereo installation, it is reasonable to assume that you will have your system ready in a short time. If, however, you are not very well versed in electronic gadgets, hire a professional to do the job. This is recommended for several reasons.

Advice in buying – A professional is acquainted with the latest technology and can advise you well, on getting the right kind of stereo system for your home.

Pre-installation Advice – Several tasks have to be done before the installation process. These include, drilling holes into the wall and having a concealed wiring system. Experts advise you on these matters.

Suggestion on Acoustics – Professionals in stereo installation know, how the speakers should be placed, to provide a pleasant hearing experience. They advise on seating arrangement too, for better acoustics.

Guidance on Equipment Use – Once the system is in place, the experts counsel the customer, on how to use the system.

Aesthetics – Since they have been in this business for some time, they work neatly. They conceal the wires, as much as possible and keep the adjacent areas clean.

Trouble Free Installation Stereo installation can be a complicated process, if you are a novice. Seeking professional help will ensure an installation, that is perfect and hassle free.