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Acrylic Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks

Splashbacks are available in all the colours of the rainbow and more but not all colours will suit your home. The colour will have a major impact on the visual effect of your interiors so it’s best to think carefully about what would suit your home before making the final purchase.

A great chic colour combination is a hot Barbie pink splashback against the back drop of an all black kitchen. If you want to project a more sedate classy look, opt for a sea green, blue or teal flashback against a white color. Kitchen Renovations Sydney can give your interiors a cool summery feel.

Points to remember

The correct adhesive is very important for proper installation of your acrylic kitchen splashbacks. It’s better to avoid installation of splashbacks near heated zones, plug or electric knobs. Heat is extremely damaging to the health of yofur splash back.

Don’t use harsh inorganic products like strong chemical cleaners, rough scrubs etc on your acrylic splash back as the surface may get scratched. One of the major advantages of using these splash backs is the surprisingly little effort needed for maintenance. Just a regular dab with gentle soap and water is enough to keep them look as beautiful as ever.

Glass Kitchen splashbacks can be cut on site to get the perfect installation size. This will also prevent the occurrence of unnecessary seams which can spoil the look of splash back.