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Preparing your Rooftop for Installation of Solar Power Panels

Installation of Solar Power Panels

If you are looking at installing a solar power panels, then you need to install solar tiles. Solar tiles have a photovoltaic material that helps in turning the sun energy into electricity. In addition, since solar tiles are bulky, they can change the appearance of your house. However, you can blend the solar tiles with the normal roof tiles so that overall curb appeal remains.

Remove small plants

You need to ensure that there are no plants or mini-garden near the solar power panels. If it is blocking the path of the sunlight, then it defeats the purpose of installing a solar power panel. Your house will not warm quickly enough. In addition, if there are nearby trees that throw a shadow over the solar power panels, then they need to be removed.

Efficient drainage system

There should be a proper drainage system that will flush out the water in the rooftop. If the drains are clogged, then it will lead to water stagnation. This will damage the solar power panels. What’s important is that before you install the solar power panel, the drainage system must be cleaned and repaired if damaged. If there is a water leak or clogging in the drainage system, it will be difficult to clean or repair once the solar power panel installed If the drainage is attached to the solar power panel, then it increases the threat of damaging the solar power panels.

Reduce Carbon Emissions at Workplace

Try and install solar electricity at your office or factory. Shut down all electrical appliances, including computers, when not in use (for example during lunch hours). Print only when absolutely essential in order to save paper and energy and use both sides of the sheet while printing. Depend on natural light as much as possible.