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Smart Questions to Ask a Timber Floor Company Salesperson

Timber Floor Company Salesperson

Whether you’re doing an online or face-to-face inquiry with a salesperson working in timber flooring company, it’s important to check if the people working there are knowledgeable. Do they know their products and services by heart or are they simply around to sell you their most expensive items?

To check if you’re dealing with the right people, here are some questions to ask:

  • What does your product warranty guarantee to customers?

The usual and important things covered by a product insurance is the guarantee that the item you’ve purchased is damage-free and the company will replace or repair defective items. The same thing applies to hardwood flooring.

The one thing to remember is that the company will repair or replace products if one asking for it is the same person and the house still belongs to the original owner.

  • What do you recommend – solid or engineered flooring?

An excellent salesperson should know the difference between the two types of hardwood installation. Solid is where your entire floor is made entirely out of wood. Engineered flooring is the layering of same or similar woods over the other. The best thing about these two is that their value can be restored with sanding and refinishing.

  • What method is the best?

You know you’re talking to the right person when he suggests several ways of installing floors such as nailing, floating and glueing. The materials and installation method should always be compatible with the owner’s home.

A salesperson should not merely focus on selling but he should listen to you and understand your needs. Many wanted to have this flooring as timber flooring keeps your floors cool in the summertime. So make sure that he/she must know the product that suits your home. To get the right individual, consult the experts at Timber Flooring Online today and study your options! Call them now for more information and learn how you can benefit from their services. You’ll be glad you did!