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A Guide to Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Hire

A skip bin is the easiest way to transport garbage from the work site to the garbage dump. It is useful especially for construction sites where the debris needs to be frequently cleared off. Skip bins are preferred due to the ease of replacing a filled bin with an empty one, facilitating faster movement of garbage. A skip bin is loaded onto a lorry which is emptied by tipping it off at the landfill area.


There are two main types of skip bins. Rubbish skips are large metal skips which are heaped with garbage and have no doors. They are tipped off to empty the contents. They are ideally used at construction sites, demolition sites and also for office and home purposes if the quantum of waste is too much. Hook bins are rear opening bins, which are mainly used for industrial or commercial purposes. They are mounted on hook lift trucks. Therefore you must determine the type of bin required.


Skip bins are generally large in size and trapezoidal shaped. However the skip bin hire depends upon the quantity of waste to be removed. You should also know what kind of junk you can load into the skip bin to determine the correct size required. For small quantities of waste, you can opt for mini skips which are small in size and serve domestic purposes well. You can dispose general domestic and commercial waste like debris, household garbage, etc when you choose Skip bin for hire .