A skip bin hire is a service that allows people to rent out large containers. These boxes are most commonly used in waste disposal. Once the lease is up, the service provider will take out the container and empty the contents. If the lease is renewed, a new container is provided. It’s used in commercial, residential and industrial settings.

How is it different?

There is a distinct difference between these bins and regular dumpsters, the first being design. The former items are designed in such a way that they’ll fit perfectly into the truck – no manual labour needed. This makes trash pickups easier and more efficient.

What are the options?

You’ll find these bins in a variety of sizes. Small bins are usually enough for households, especially if it’s a one-family set-up. Medium containers are better for non-food related businesses, as they’ll do for regular office waste.

Large bins are best for businesses in the restaurant industry. Most food establishments will rent out these containers with a lid, to minimise contamination in the area. Larger varieties are also used in multi-household homes and buildings, especially in condominiums. Factories and manufacturing plants will often have multiple large bins to get rid of their waste by-products.

Apart from sizing varieties, some bins will have wheels instead of a loading mechanism. These trolley type containers are made for pulling and is carried off by a truck through towing.

What are the benefits of Skip Bin Hire?

These containers do wonders for waste management. They are big enough to handle large amounts of garbage in between pick-ups. Since most units will have built-in lids, they keep all the items inside. This minimises foul odours in the area. It also prevents animals from digging through the trash. This keeps spillage to a minimum.

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Renting out these containers also assures regular trash disposal. As long as you stick to a routine schedule, you can be sure about the cleanliness in your neighbourhood. To add to this, you won’t have to worry about garbage pile-up in your area.

What is a Skip Bin Hire?