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Learn About The Different Types Of Shower Screens

Types Of Shower Screens

Shower screens are one of the most important features in your bathroom especially if you have the toilet and the bathe in the same room. This is to protect the toilet part so that it will not be flooded when someone will be taking a bath. But aside from the functional aspect, shower screens can also help in enhancing the look of your bathroom. Yes, with the technology we have these days, it is not impossible to achieve both aspects. You can now choose fixtures that will not only generate functionality but also aesthetics at the same time. As for the shower screens, you have many options. Some are expensive while others are too affordable but also not really that good to look at. So, it will be up to you to weigh your options if you will prioritize functionality or aesthetics maybe or both.

So, for you to know your options, here are the different types of shower screens:

– The first option is the fully framed shower screen. By just the term alone, you can right away picture the look of the shower screen. All sides of these types of shower screens are framed with aluminum material. These types of shower screens can generate a classic and traditional look. Among your options, they are the most cost effective. So, if money is tight, this could be your bet.

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– The next is the same-frameless shower screen. In here, only the outside parts of the shower screen are framed. With this type of shower screen, your bathroom will look clean and stylish. They are more expensive than the fully framed shower screens but not with the fully frameless shower screens.

– Then the last but certainly not the least is the frameless shower screen. This is certainly not the least as these types of shower screens are the most preferred by homeowners. In this type of shower screen, all you see are panels of glass. Aside from some needed accessories, there are no other adornments. Among the three options, this type is the most expensive. The good thing about this type of shower screen is it can be maintained easily. It generates a really perfect clean look.

So, given your options, you can choose which type is best shower screens for your bathroom. Aside from the type of shower screens, you also have a number of options when it comes to their doors and some of them are the pivot door, sliding door, corner shower screens, the fixed and swing type of door, and also the fixed panel. If you want to know more about each type, you can search online as I am pretty sure you will find an article about them easily.

If you will check some magazines that are showcasing home designs, you will see that most of them are using frameless shower screens because an all glass shower screen is really exquisite to look at. It would seem like your bathroom is expensive and oozing with luxury.

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