The sails are mostly of 3 types. First is the triangular one, with 3 corners. This comes in several sizes which you can choose based on your requirement. Second is right-angled one. If placed higher, right angled ones can cover a lot of area. Another one is square. Whether placed higher or on a lower height, square ones cover more area, compared to others. Some people also love the hexagonal ones, which are slowly gaining popularity – because of their style and looks. Out of these types, you can choose any one.

Customization also lets you choose styles, shapes, designs, colours and sizes easily – and stay rest assured that the sail will fulfil its purpose well. However, leverage the power of internet and professional advice to choose the right one.

Sunlight and rain can wreck your beautiful garden furniture if you don’t protect them with an umbrella. Garden furniture is generally constructed out of wrought iron, bamboo, cane or wood. All these materials are harmed to varying extents by the exposure to scorching sun and heavy rain. Patio umbrellas, shade sails or garden umbrellas are sturdy enough to withstand the extremities of nature. They are also large enough to protect a small tea table and 4-6 chairs around it. The outdoor umbrellas are made up of long lasting good quality fabric that is resistant to the ill effects of moisture.

Use portable umbrellas

Did you know that you can easily fold up outdoor umbrellas and carry them to various locations? This way you can change the location where you sit every week. You will be able to sit and admire your garden from various angles. Invest in garden umbrellas that are highly portable in nature.

Sun Sails – Select the Right Fabric

Since a sun sail will be installed outdoors, you must select the fabric wisely so that it doesn’t get damaged or frayed easily. Another aspect to consider while selecting the fabric is its resistance towards water. Always opt for water-resistant or water-proof fabrics if you want to enjoy your outdoor parties by the pool without a care for rain. Understandably, water-resistant fabrics allow tiny amount of water to seep through and will be alright in a light drizzle. However, a water-proof sail is your best bet if you want absolute protection even in heavy rain.

Choosing Shade Sails