Search Engine Optimisation faced major changes with the introduction of Google Panda. Panda is basically an algorithm which focuses on increasing the rank of good quality websites while decreasing the rankings of bad quality ones. Unlike the usual improvisation techniques adopted by Google, Panda had a major impact on web site owners, SEO services and designers.

You should know how to deal with the changes introduced by these updates in order to realize your SEO goals.

Steps to deal with Penguin and Panda

Your ultimate aim is to create intelligent quality content. Your customers expect it and Google along with other search giants are struggling to provide this.

Never indulge in spam. Traditionally Google has been against spam but now Penguin has introduced check points for content duplicity, keyword stuffs and cloaking. There are active penalizing processes in place now.

Excess amounts of advertisements turn off most readers. This doesn’t mean ads are not important but there should be a restriction on the number of ads per page. The reader shouldn’t be forced to scroll down the page to access the actual content.

Seo Brisbane ensures that Content creation targeted at the audience not at search engines.

Make sure that your sub headings, headlines; text boxes are relevant to consumers. Simply designing key word dense headings which are not understandable will not make the audience view them.

Study the local trends prevailing amongst your target audience and try to incorporate that information in your content. Google will reward you for the increased relevance of content.

How to Optimize for Google Panda and Penguin Updates?