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What is the Duty of a Seller’s Agent?

Duty of a Seller's Agent

The present property market landscape is more favourable for homebuyers. So it’s a buyers’ market out there, as a matter of fact. So, you’d need to effectively use all the arms in your arsenal to promote your property.

Real estate agents Mt. Ommaney will be able to put your home up for sale by listing it comprehensively in all such print and electronic media that enjoys a solid reputation. That’ll save you from being harassed by insincere and unscrupulous prospects who’re not interested in buying a home.

When a prospective buyer turns he’ll be able to show him around the house in your absence and efficiently market the USPs of your home without blurting out the downsides.

Provide suggestions for renovations and repairs

You might be wearing rose coloured glasses when it comes to describing your property and you might overlook spotting lacunae that your agent is most unlikely to miss. He’ll take off the glasses from your eyes and remind you to repair the derelict fencing, even out the grasses in the lawn, and put up a clear signage at the gate that can be seen from afar. Make sure everything is settled when you put your house on sale. If you need someone you can trust in renovating your house, hire home builders.

Buyers can be fastidious about details that might seem insignificant to you. Real estate agents Golden Beach will be able to assign a consummate agent who has an eye for such details.

Represent you in your absence

It might not always be possible for you to be personally present for negotiating with buyers that might turn up without notice. Also you may not feel comfortable dealing with sensitive aspects particularly in quoting the right price. He or she’ll be able to tell between a genuine and an opportunistic buyer.

Follow up after sale

There are many legal niceties that’ll need to be attended to, pre and post sale. Due weightage has to be given in preparing the sales contract agreement. Real estate agents Murrumba Downs can take care of all the legal aspects with elan.