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Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

House is Not Selling

If you have planned to sell your home, you have probably planned a way of using the money you get from the proceeds. Either you will use it in investing in another property or taking care of some important financial commitment. Either way, it’s very frustrating to see your property sitting on the real estate market without any good feasible offers. This is where you need the help of Estate Agents for them to analyse the reasons why your house is not selling.

Wrong pricing strategy

Most people are emotionally attached to their homes and view it with rose tinted glasses. While fixing the price, it’s easy to get carried away and fix a too high price tag. However, most buyers do a lot of research and have Real estate agent who can guide them.

They will either ignore your property (if they think it’s overpriced) or maker much lower offers. The key is to do a fresh market analysis and set an achievable price if you want to sell your home fast.

Bad condition

If you think from the perspective of a buyer, you will surely not want to shift into a home which has a lot of damages requiring expensive repair. Moving is a stressful process and most buyers will shy out from buying a home which needs the added attention of fix up jobs.

Is the paint peeling off or is the upholstery in bad condition? Is your landscaping updated or are your windows dirty. Property agents will surely give you an advice to put in a little time and effort to ensure your home is in great condition when potential buyers come over to view it.