Security screens affixed to your main entrance door or other access doors in your home offer an extra or second layer of security against intruders, robbers, and burglars. A security screen or storm door acts as a protective sheath for your primary doors and takes care of your maintenance costs. Security screen acts as a bulwark against rain, snow or hailstorm and enhances the air flow or ventilation in your home. You can put a storm door to multifarious use in your home not only for the purpose of security but also to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Main entrance doors

Although security screen doors are generally affixed to main entrance or primary doors, security screens can be set up with doors having sectional glass panes. A security screen can be fixed to both the sliding door and the double door entrance.

With a security screen attached to your main entrance doorway, you get a complete view of the surroundings. Also, they act as standard sun filters preventing your home from getting excessively heated up during the summer and preserving the warmth during the winter.

Secured windows

Thieves and burglars find it more convenient to break into a house through the windows by breaking or smashing the glass. If you add a window screen in your home, a burglar will have a tough time storming in. Attaching a security screen to a window, needless to say, makes your home more secure.

Choose the ideal colour, size and design of security screens that match with the decor of your home.

For added home security , set up an alarm system for your home .

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Tips for Using Security Screens