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Tips when Installing a Fly Screen at Home

Fly Screen at Home

Flies are known to be one of the most annoying insects even if they are not considered as pests because some of them tend to go out of houses and move to another location. They are still annoying even if they are not as persistent as cockroaches since they carry diseases, and they tend to go to waste and not just food. If you ever want to get rid of flies at home, then make sure that you consider getting a fly screen doors so that you can assure yourself a very protective feature that will prevent you from letting flies come to your home.

Getting a fly screen installed is really a must for every resident so that they will be able to prevent themselves from flies and other insects. However, there are some important tips that you need to consider if you ever want to properly place these all around the house. Here are the following:

Screen All Open Spots

Make sure that you screen all of the spots in the house that are open. The door might be an exception because you might close it all the time, but if not, consider getting a screen door so that wind can still flow in your living room. Just remember to consider all windows screened – even the little ones on your bathroom and kitchens in order to perfectly prevent them from coming.

Use Screws to Lock it Tight

A fly screen must always have a screw hole on it so that we can just place the screws right away if we want to install it. Once we do this, be sure to check if there is a frame where we can make holes for the screws. You also need to screw it very tight so that there will be no problems especially during strong, windy days. In this way, you can finally shut the screens tight – to the point where it can last there for a lot of years!

Get Adjustable Screens as Well!

You also need to check if there are some screens out there that are adjustable. This means there must be a part of it that can be opened if needed be. In this way, more air can flow, but you still need to consider closing it especially during the night or when eating in order to avoid insects from getting attracted to your room.

With these important and simple tips, rest assured that you will be able to properly seal your home with screens, but in a way where air will still flow properly at home. Insects must never be invited to the home because they can cause danger to our health and cleanliness, and fly screens can be one good way to start preventing them!