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Importance of Using Scooters for Short Distance Journeys

Importance of Using Scooters

A scooter (also referred to as a push scooter or a kick scooter) is highly popular with children and teenagers all over the world. You will find kids in different age groups crisscrossing the neighbourhood in their scooters especially during the spring or summer when the weather is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. While children generally consider a scooter as a fun apparatus, the truth is that is can easily be used to commute between short distances.

Using a Scooter for Short Distance Journeys Reduces Pollution and Saves Fuel

A scooter is a human-powered vehicle transport, which means that it does not require any fuel to run. All the rider has to do is mount the deck; place one foot on it and push off the ground with the other foot.

This kick provides the much needed power for the scooter to move on. You have to keep on pushing against the ground with one foot so that the scooter keeps moving forward at an even pace. Scooters are therefore excellent for commuting to nearby places if you want to avoid using your car too often. This really has double benefits and allows you to contribute your bit towards the environment.

On one hand, you reduce the emission of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere if you can avoid using your car for short distances. On the other hand, you save precious fossil fuel (petroleum) by reducing your consumption or by trying out alternate modes of transport like scooters.

In fact, children can be taught the values of reducing pollution and saving fuel right from childhood and they can practice this regularly by riding their scooters instead of insisting on the family car. Encourage your child to ride the scooter while visiting friends nearby or while going to the neighbourhood grocery store.