Rugs and fancy carpets are a common household decor item. Most people choose to do up common areas in the house with floor rugs and carpets of various colours and sizes. However, while carpets and rugs may make for great decor ideas, they are just as hard to maintain and keep clean.

It takes a long time and lot of effort to keep rugs and carpets clean. However, if you get them cleaned regularly with the help of a rug cleaning company, it will benefit you. However, as a home owner it helps to know about the dos and don’ts of rug cleaning.

Too many chemicals will spoilt your rugss

While choosing carpet cleansers or soaps for your rugs and carpets it is important to study the ingredients the cleansers are made of. Try to use natural products and cleansers or carpet shampoos that are not made up of too many chemicals and more importantly strong chemicals. Strong chemicals will affect the texture of the rug or carpet and ruin the weaves. The surface wool or threads will get worn out faster.

Clean stains, however small immediately

The key to a clean rug is regular cleansing. If a guest or family member drops a small amount of juice or other kind of liquid that leaves a stain, it is advisable to get it cleaned immediately. The sooner you clean the stain the lower the chances of the stain sticking on the rug permanently. Try to use hair shampoos as much as possible every time you want to get your rugs and carpets cleaned. See Carpet cleaning Melbourne

Rug Cleaning – Dos and Don’ts