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Should You Paint Your Own Roof?

Paint Your Own Roof

Tired of your old rusty roof and want a quick facelift done? Well, you will first have to decide whether you can do the job yourself or you are going to hire roof painter Perth. Before you make this important decision, let us first look at some of the reasons why you should or shouldn’t do the paint job yourself.

• Why you should do your own roof painting

The number one reason why you should do this challenging task yourself is saving up some good cash. But the only way to know for sure whether you are actually going to save some money is comparing the costs you are going to incur with how much it would cost you to hire professional roof painters.

Don’t just stop at the cost of paint, other costs you should consider are;

o A ladder to climb to the top of your roof – you may be able to get one for hire
o Equipment and products to first clean your roof with
o Spray painting equipment – you can also hire these

You also have to climb up your roof and do a thorough inspection. You may find you need to do a few repairs and it’s always better to do all the improvements before you paint your roof.

• Why you should consider hiring professional roof painters

Painting a roof cannot be compared to painting a wall in your house. Remember, you are going to be working on a height and you can easily slip and hurt yourself if you are not very familiar with working with heights.

Although a dry roof can provide some traction, you’re going to have to clean the roof before you start painting and you can easily fall during the cleaning process.

When carrying out the inspection of your roof, you may not really know what to look out for but professional roof painters know exactly what to look out for and how to fix it.

Another reason why hiring a pro may be the best option for you is that the pros know exactly what they need to use and they are going to come with all the equipment. For you, you may have to do quite a number of rounds before getting what you need.

Instead of using so much time looking for all the materials you are going to need for which you might be overcharged, why not use a fraction of the time to get quotes from several professional painters then settle on one you are most comfortable with?