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What to Keep in Mind when Entering a Roller-Skating Competition for the First Time

Roller-Skating Competition

Roller skates have long become the number one obsession among the youth. Most youngsters’ roller skating indoors or outdoors find it a thrilling and exhilarating experience that is seconded by none. But when you are participating in a roller skating competition, especially for the first time, you have to keep aside the thrill factor and concentrate more on performance and showcasing of skills.


There will be plenty of distractions to divert your mind and puncture your zen like concentration during a competition. But if you fall prey to these distractions, such as the screaming crowds, ringing smart phones, camera flashes and media intrusion, you can never succeed. Worse still, you may land in an accident and break your bones.

The trick here is to practise roller skating outdoors for several months before the competition to get familiar with common distractions and to increase your comfort level among motorists and pedestrians. Mobile phone distractions cannot really be avoided, but you, on your own part, can leave behind your cell phone and iPod at home before practising roller skating.
It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or participating in a professional competition for the first time, you must keep your eyes, ears and all other senses open if you intend to avoid accidents.

Check Equipment

You can avoid a number of unnecessary accidents if you check and double check your equipment and gear before the first big showdown of your life. Tie the skates in a manner so that you are not distracted by the need to adjust the laces in the middle of a dangerous move. Your toe stops should be well secured and appropriately adjusted. Repeatedly check your wheel nuts and axles.
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