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Responsibilities of Builders


Builders supervise, organise and work on both the construction and repair of buildings, including homes. In addition to taking responsibility for other work personally, some of the builders are also assigned to manage the entire project. These responsibilities include organising subcontractors to complete the assigned project and keeping the project within the requirement set by the client and the government regulations.

Most of the time, they work outdoors in industrial or engineering conditions as part of a construction team. Builders are sometimes required to operate huge machinery and equipment. Due to the risks and dangerous nature of their work, particularly construction, they should comply with safety regulations, like using and wearing of protective equipment and gears and keeping the site safe for everyone.

The registration and licensing for this type of industry are regulated by the state government where they are situated. It is required that builders should take a close look at what their state government requires and get certification before they actually start accepting projects.


Below are their day-to-day responsibilities:

• Understand and create plans that will meet both client specifications and building code regulations.
• Give quotes or present tenders for building works.
• Organise inspections of building work.
• Send plans to local authorities and collect approval.
• They are assigned to form a team or contractors, like painters, plumbers, electricians and carpenters to complete the entire project.
• Perform some of the building work personally.
• Supervise employees or contractors to keep safety standards all throughout the project.
• Make sure that the work is being completed within the target schedule.
• Calculate costs and quantities and source labour and building materials.
• Work on few administrative tasks, like collecting payments.

Working Hours

The average hours for builders on a weekly basis is 45.5, and it is longer than other occupations which are 41.1, mostly completed from Monday through Friday, including Saturday morning. Self-contractors and self-employed workers may decide on working longer hours to meet their clients and handle few business and administrative tasks. Find out more here!