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Top Reasons Your House isn’t Selling

House isn’t Selling

Selling a house can become a headache if you are unable to find suitable buyers or cannot find buyers at all. If your property has been on sale for quite some time and you are unable to find a good buyer, then you need to hire Real estate agents Stafford. Many interested buyers can miss your house because you are unable to showcase the house effectively. So, you need to bear in mind the factors that could probably not make your property the number one choice in the buyer’s eyes.

Is your house over-priced?

If you think you are offering the best in your property and therefore have priced it higher, then you are wrong. In most cases, the price makes or breaks the deal. In an ideal situation, you should set your range and be open to negotiations. This gives the buyer more freedom to quote his price and you can work around it.

You can also ask Estate agents Strathpine to give the market prices of different areas, so that you have a fair idea of the competitive prices in the real estate market. According to those market rates, you can either fix a discounted or inflated rate for your property.

Is your curb unappealing?

If your garden is not trimmed, the walkway is dirty, the front door looks shabby and the area surrounding the house needs cleaning, then any prospective buyer who visits your house will be put off by the curb appeal. They will reject the location on site. Real estate agent Helensvale can give you ideas on how to make your house attractive for the future buyer. In most cases, the buyers go for the visual appeal of a real estate.

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