The world is facing a great threat of depletion of useable water. A lot of measures are being adopted by the government and people to ensure that the available water is being use in the best way possible. Rain water harvesting is one of those methods which are easy to use and also provide a lot of water to carry out most of the household activities. It is very simple to set up a rainwater tanks in your house.

Fix up a water container

This is the most basic requirement in building rainwater tank. This is where you will store all the rainwater. There are many things to consider while choosing a particular tank or barrel for this purpose. First of all, the quality of the material of the barrel should be good. It should be made up of food grade material.

It means that the container shouldn’t have contained only food items previously and not harmful chemicals. The next thing in the checklist is the size of the required barrel. Depending on your needs and the quantity of rainfall in your area, you can choose the across various size options. Make sure to fix the barrel in position from where you can easily transfer the water to the desired place.

Setting up the base

Once you have chosen the size and type of the water tank, the next thing to do is to find a suitable place for your water tank. The ground on which you are planning to keep your tank should be leveled first. It is preferable to level the whole surface by making the use of concrete. It will provide a sturdy base for the water tank and it will gain extra stability. Furthermore, you can also put some reinforcement material inside the cement to provide extra stability.


How to make your Own Rainwater Tank