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Questions to Ask a Sign Writer

Sign Writer

Arranging a sign for business use is a large step, and having an expert sign writer who is up to the challenge is the best person to hire. Before you even place an order, it is necessary that you ask him or her all questions necessary to ensure that you are on the right track in terms of hiring a professional.

  • “Can I check your portfolio?”

They have their own specialty, yet, even they claim they are the best professionals to hire, that should not limit you from asking them to show a sample of their work. Let them exhibit their previous projects and see whether their style perfectly matches what you want. By doing this, you never know, you might see other options more suitable for what you need it for.

  • “Who will handle the design?”

It does not necessarily require you to draw nicely to let the sign writer knows what you want. Creating a sign from zero needs specialised skills, equipment, talent and technical how-to, this being the case they may need to let you work first with their graphic design team. Ask them for their available schedule, and know whether the package includes this service or not, if not, how much would it cost you?

  • “Can you provide proofs?”

Just before the signs are produced, sign writer should show you the final designs first. They make ask for an additional charge for hard copy printout but most of the time, if not all the time, it is free for digital proofs.

  • “What will be the final cost?”

After finalising everything, from planning up to installation, how much will it cost you? The initial quotation they should provide you includes all the expenses required.

  • “When the installation or delivery be completed?”

Some may only need a day but others more than that. It depends on factors like the type of signage you order. It does not necessary that you choose the sign writer who can deliver the fastest, but at least provide you with a considerable timeline.

Asking as many questions as possible can lead you more on choosing the best company to hire. But if you want to make sure you get the best service, hire the reliable sign writer from Adelaide. They will attend to your queries.