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Questions to Ask About Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

There’s nothing like spending quality time with your pet. However, you shouldn’t forget that like humans, they also need the right kind of grooming to prevent skin allergies and tooth decay.

Here are a few questions you must ask about dog grooming services before you settle for any company:

  • How long will the activity take?

To know if you can do other things whilst your dog is getting groomed, you must ask how long they’ll take to groom your pet. Grooming services usually take 3 to 4 hours, depending on the package. If you live nearby, you can go home whilst your pet is being groomed. You can just ask them to call you when they’re done so you can come back and pick up your pup.

  • What’s included in the package?

Once you bring your pet to get groomed, you know they’ll fully service him. If you choose the full-service grooming, it will most likely include a full bath, ear plucking, eye cleaning, nail clipping, teeth brushing and a specific haircut, depending on what type of breed it is. Of course, you can also choose separate services to be done on your dog. For example, if you recently cleaned its ears then you don’t need to get that service.

  • Will a full package save me more money?

If the answer to this question is yes, you should take the full dog grooming package. Since you made the effort to take your pet to the grooming shop, you may as well have everything done on it, so you won’t have to come back again for a different service.

There’s no doubt your pet will be in good hands if you choose 4 Paws Groomers. They are very passionate about what they do, so clients and their pets can be happy. You can choose from different packages that suit your budget and pet’s needs.